Nike Air Jordan 1

Essential Information About Air Jordan 1

If there ever were a living legend, it would undoubtedly be Michael Jordan. And who better than a living legend to establish an entire line of shoes bearing his name? Air Jordan 1 sneakers are an integral part of MJ's enduring footwear legacy.

Following the path of the original kick unveiled in 1985, the Jordan Retro 1 series hit the market with great fanfare in 1994. It introduced a new generation of enthusiasts to a shoe that had captured hearts almost a decade earlier.

The Air Jordan 1 made its retail debut at the end of March in 1985 with a price tag of $64.99. While this might seem relatively inexpensive today, it was among the highest-priced basketball shoes on the market at the time. Designed by Peter C. Moore, it incorporated elements from other Nike shoes.

With Jordan's dominating performances on the court, his remarkable display at the All-Star weekend where he sported both the White/Black/Red "Chicago" and Black/Red Jordan 1, and the substantial attention generated by Nike's advertisements, the Air Jordan line was already etching its place in sneaker history.

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Undoubtedly, the Air Jordan 1 stands as one of the most beloved and iconic sneaker models of all time, boasting a multitude of versions and colorways released over the years. On Crewkicks, some of the most sought-after Air Jordan 1 models include:

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